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Gruenberg® Dry Heat Sterilizers

Why dry heat sterilizers instead of an autoclave? No water needed. Less space required. No pit in the floor. No building fortification. Assembled inside your building and not outside your building. Lower initial costs. Lower costs for maintenance. Downtime renovation and installation!

Gruenberg’s Steri-DryTM sterilizers use dry heat instead of steam to sterilize laboratory animal cages and other lab equipment in research and laboratory settings. Not only is dry heat sterilization most effective, but it is lower in both costs and energy consumption. Gruenberg’s wide variety of dry heat Steri-DryTM sterilizers are available in multiple sizes, modular, panelized and temperature ranges.


Gruenberg dry heat sterilizers are used for decontamination and dry heat sterilization of all forms of microbial life, such as bacteria, viruses, and spores. Gruenberg dry heat sterilizers use convection airflow and dry heat delivered to the items being sterilized. The heat is absorbed by the item being sterilized and eventually it reaches the proper temperature needed to achieve sterilization. 

Operating temperatures and times vary depending on the items being decontaminated or sterilized and what the customer is actively looking to kill, i.e. bacteria, viruses, fungi, spores, etc. For each, there are various methods to validate the efficacy.


Technicians in the lab animal science industry must continually sterilize their tools, surfaces, and equipment that comes in contact with the animals. Pathogenic or opportunistic microorganisms are dangerous to both the scientists and animals so stringent sanitation and sterilization requirements must be maintained.

Gruenberg supplies advanced dry heat sterilizers that eliminate harmful pathogens, and have a variety of animal friendly features. Humane treatment and biological safety are important qualities offered in our wide selection of chambers.

Gruenberg lab animal science sterilizers provide the following benefits: Smooth, quiet operation with noise-sensitive animals in mind. Multiple models feature economical construction and fast cycle times. A variety of sizes and temperature ranges allow solutions for a range of requirements. Custom chambers can process and sterilize with your needs and concerns in mind.

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